Furniture Installation

Office Furniture Relocation Management

Chicago Office Moving will work with you to identify furniture to be reused and assist you in planning for disposition of surplus furniture. All furniture to be moved will be tagged and relocated according to a pre-determined plan, which we will orchestrate.

As part of our furniture management services, we will procure all necessary room layouts for use by the moving team and will coordinate vendor services to ensure proper relocation and placement within the given timeframe.

Your assigned Project Manager is in close communication throughout the entire process to ensure your project is carried out with the greatest attention to detail.

Office Furniture Installation

Moving is one thing; buying new furniture or reconfiguring your office is another. Chicago Office Moving appreciates that the sturdiness of your desk, your chair, your storage system equates to how productive your employees are, which determines how well your business operates.

Most office components need a bit of 'tool workâ' to become fully functional. Why walk around with a screwdriver trying to tighten up this chair or that drawer when Chicago Office Moving's professional installers and carpenters can put it all together—dependably.

We employ one of the largest, most experienced staff of furniture installation professionals in the entire Chicagoland area. We select installers from a vast pool of laborers, contracted for their level of skill and those with which we have had a great deal of success with in the past.

Our on-site Installation Manager ensures each step of the project is carried out accurately and timely. Each Installation Manager has extensive training and experience in systems planning, installation, move management and refurbishment services.